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Ornamental Fish Farming


We’ve learned that our customers are environmentally friendly, price conscious and want high quality fish/products.However with the support of our customers, we strive to meet these needs.

Some of the ways we meet these needs are the following:

  • We breed quality fish and change the breeds at regular times.
  • Live feed will be given to all the fishes everyday for better quality.
  • We only carry products that we believe are quality products.
  • We sterilize our nets everyday after use to keep our fish healthier.
  • We change water every two months and maintain good water conditions for the fish to grow and breed qualitatively. Each tank is filtered individually and water is never shared between tanks.
  • We love the environment. Our fish bags have been engineered to use less plastic and we encourage all of our customers to reuse packaging our products are carried in. Together, we can protect aquatic ecosystems.


Our goal at Fortune Aqua Hub is to bring happiness into people's homes with beautiful, healthy and colourful fish.


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Breed Ornamental Fishes.

We breed and sell all kinds of Ornamental Fishes.

Aquarium Installation

Aquarium Installation.

Customizing your Aquarium

Customizing your Aquarium.

Day to day maintenance of Aquarium

Day to day maintenance of Aquarium.

Sell Ornamental Fishes.

We breed and sell all kinds of Ornamental Fishes.

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To be updated

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Sai Eswar Potukuru

Founder & Chief Executive Officer


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